Artists FAQ

Zeelah Music is an online music distribution platform and also an online store in Cameroon. With our online store, our clients can make their purchases through Momo/Orange Money and more.
We also distribute on other platforms like Spotify, iTunes , Deezer and 150+ other platforms.

We have other services like e-tickets for events, concerts, parties etc.
We also do digital marketing for artists who want people to know about their music.

To selll your music on zeelah music store you will need

  • a registration fee of 0frs
  • Fill the form  
  • Or Send us the informations below

1. Your real name
2.Your artist name
3. A valid email address where reports of your album will be sent.
4. A valid phone number having a registered OM/MOMO
5. The release date of your album: day/month/year.
6. The price of your album in FCFA. (eg 1000frs)
7. The price for each track. (eg 300frs)
8. Your full biography
9. Your upcoming events e.g concerts, radio shows etc.
10. Video links on youtube
11. Your album or single in MP3 format with the title of each tract as on the CD.
12. Your website (optional)
13. Contacts & booking (a valid email of your manager, label, booking, marketing)
14. Press kit (optional) or any other download
15. Links to your album on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc.
16. Your professional pictures (at least 2). Please we only accept professsional pictures otherwise they will be rejected.

All these should be sent to this email: here

For more questions contact us on our zeelah phone on whatsapp only: 653804232

Zeelah Music does not charge you to register and distribute your content except you want to distribute on international platforms which is 15.000 FCFA to distribute on platforms such as Spotify, Itunes etc.

ZMD will pay Artist/Band/Group a sum equivalent to 85% of its net receipts from the exploitation of Artist Repertoire.
Each party is responsible for paying any taxes on its income. 

Zeelah Music will pay Artist quarterly for those on Zeelah Music Store and quarterly for those on Distributor’s stores and will provide a statement to Artist in accordance to Zeelah Music’s standard business practices. Zeelah Music will compute Artist’s entitlements for the preceding months within 7 days after the month ends and deliver a statement thereof to Artist. If payment due to Artist is not at least equivalent to 500 FCFA, it will be rolled over into successive accounting periods until payment due exceeds the equivalent of 500 FCFA. Payment to artist will be done through ORANGE MONEY or MTN MONEY and  through Bank transfer when the artists due exceeds 300.000 FCFA

Zeelah Music supports the distribution and sales of musical albums (LPs), EPs, singles, etickets for events, concerts etc.

Zeelah Music has an approval team that helps artists and labels have their albums adapted to the rules of the platforms. If your album does not comply with these rules, our approval team may request changes to your album or reject it entirely. 

The main rules are:

  • The title is displayed on the cover of your Album/Single/EP must be the same that was registered on the album;

  • All the artists names you placed on the album cover art must be registered on the album tracks as artists;

  • Do not use images, names, samples or beat from third parties without proper authorization;

  • Each album must have its own cover art. It is not allowed to use the same image on the cover art of different albums;

  • The writers of your album must be registered individually. Bands, groups or compound artists are not allowed to be registered as writers.

Zeelah Music shall provide Artist with Monthly Emails, which will give details of weekly sales and monitor usage of Artist Repertoire.

  • Format: JPG, PNG

  • Minimum size: 3000×3000 pixels

  • Color: RGB (including for black and white images)

  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi

  • DO NOT use on the cover art: logo of digital platforms and websites

  • DO NOT use on the cover: release dates, emails, advertisements or phone number

  • DO NOT use expressions such as: “New Album”, “New Release”, “Release”, etc

Zeelah Music sells a TRACK for a minimum price of 100 FCFA in Cameroon  and this depends on how much the artist wants to sell his/her tract. Outside Cameroon, it sells for €0.99 

As soon as you send us your album it goes to our approval queue. Within two business days our approval team can:

  1. Approve your album and send it to zeelah music store and the other platforms if you subscribed for them;

  2. Reject your album;

  3. Send you  a message requesting changes to your album so that it fits the rules of the platforms.

Once accepted or distributed, your album goes to the publishing queue of the platforms. These are the official deadlines that the main platforms practice:

  • Zeelah 2 business days
  • iTunes, Google Play and Deezer – up to 2 business days

  • Spotify and Tidal – Up to 5 business days

  • Napster – Up to 6 business days

  • Other platforms – Up to 4 weeks

It is very important that you plan in order for everything to work out. We suggest that you schedule the release date with least 3 weeks in advance. That way you will have time to fix possible requests from our team.

Zeelah Music does not  sell or distribute content that promotes or incites any type of violence, race, color, religion, politics, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Zeelah Music reserves the right to refuse, cancel and/or apply takedown on any submissions such as those.

If you have the proper authorization from the original creator, yes. If you have not yet gotten this authorization, we suggest that you do not use it as your album may not be approved and accepted.

Zeelah Music will compute payable to Artist at the end of every 3 calendar months.

Zeelah Music pays out 85% of royalties on digital streams and downloads to artists.